It is our vocation to offer you a first-class experience. In our tastefully furnished rooms, we will spoil you from head to toe. It goes without saying that you are entitled to a high level of massage quality, service and hygiene. We offer two types of massage:

    • basic erotic massages
    • Special erotic massages

    Many of the massages we offer include your intimate zone in a gentle and imaginative way. With a lot of sensitivity and experience, using special massage techniques in the so-called Lingam massage, the sensual energy is slowly increased, decreased and then increased again. Depending on the intensity, this stimulation can lead gradually to orgasm. Re-discover your body by placing yourself during the session consciously but passively in the care of our qualified touch specialists. This is based on the realization that if you are the one to exercise control, your sensuality is diminished. Give yourself up to receiving a gentle energy that will have a long-lasting, relaxing effect. Let yourself go with a clear conscience - You are in good hands. Our ladies - fully trained wellness, health, sports and Tantra masseuses - are well-groomed, young and good-looking, and are distinguished by a warm and natural manner. All our employees are instructed to keep themselves fragrance free. We are flexible, and will combine or complement any massage in accordance with your wishes. All questions and concerns can be addressed in a detailed preliminary conversation. All massages can be booked with the following additions:

    • Intimate shaving
    • Anus and/or prostate or G-spot
    • Costume request

    With our wide range of offers, we want to improve your sense of well-being and thus improve your quality of life in a long-lasting way. If you are happy, then we are on target.

    We use only 100% natural coconut oil without preservatives, fragrances and chemicals, which would also be suitable for consumption. Coconut oil, in addition to its gently healing, allergy-free effect, also has the excellent property of a slight disinfection and thus nourishes your skin in the most natural way.

    Our massages involve no sexual intercourse, no oral sex (except in a controlled manner with our Shogun-Massage) and no French kissing. We ask you to acknowledge these conditions and to refrain from making any dubious offers. Our ladies are also strictly forbidden to make any such offers.


    Sometimes it is difficult to decide where our partner's tolerance limit lies. Especially in the field of full-body massages, including the genital area, there is a temptation to exceed these limits. Emotions are not entirely predictable, and if you feel your hand acting independently, there is a small amount of room for maneuver. In our experience, our ladies will tolerate a gentle caress or a harmless touch. Mutual respect and social sensitivity are indispensable to this. Please pay attention to clear signs of rejection and respect them.


    While you are our guest, we feel responsible for your well-being. This includes a high degree of exemplary hygiene. Our ladies are encouraged to be always clean and freshly showered. All rooms are clean and free of dust, and our wet and sanitary areas are always clean and freshly disinfected. As the parties are in close contact during our massages, mutual cleanliness and neatness is welcome. We appreciate well-groomed customers and would ask you, if you have not just showered at home or in your hotel, to do so here, and to wash your hands in all cases. For our special massages we use exclusively latex or vinyl disposable gloves, and clean towels, lungis (hip scarves) and disinfected slippers are available at any time. Even disposable toothbrushes, toothpaste, various shower gels and deodorants are available.


    If you have chosen to visit us, you are the focus. The lady of your choice will accompany you from start to finish and will make sure that you encounter no other guests, if at all possible.

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