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Dominant massage

With our Dominant-Massage we would like to expand the limits of your experience. The newcomer will find an interesting and exciting introduction to the world of discipline, and connoisseurs too will have made the right choice with us. The allocation of active and passive roles is even bolder here and it is that which makes this massage, combining elements of bondage, BDSM, the Bizarre and classic erotic massage, really special.

The surprising interplay between tension and relaxation, rigor and tenderness, cold authority and loving attention, makes a delightful change and becomes for many a popular and thrilling choice. Your imagination and your wishes are the focus here and you are invited to have an open and honest talk with your masseuse beforehand, so that the massage can be tailored exactly to your needs.

On the profile page of each masseuse in our team is the heading "Specialty", displaying whether the masseuse in question offers this massage.

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Min 60 90 120
Prices 200,– 300,– 400,–

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