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    erotic-Massages in Hamburg

    This 3-point concept guarantees you the very best service when it comes to erotic massage at Maribelle in Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein and Northern Germany.



    Erotic relaxation without sex requires the highest massage quality. That's why you can expect a handpicked TEAM of the most attractive, qualified erotic masseuses in Europe. We also pay attention to seriousness, intelligence and social competence in the selection of our ladies to protect our guests from inferior service.



    Enjoy honest service without unpleasant surprises. We clearly reject bought ratings and feedback cancellations. Renegotiations and price gouging in the massage-room are forbidden to the team. All team members will be briefed with all clarity to avoid shortened massage times.



    Realistic representation of the masseuses on their profile, cleanliness, discretion and cordial, individual care should be a matter of course everywhere. If you have a justified reason to be dissatisfied, we always respond accommodatingly, up to full compensation. Please feel free to use our feedback form!

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    At the western outskirts of Hamburg, you will find a quietly located and high quality furnished house, easily accessible via freeway and inner-city roads. With our own, free parking spaces, the tiresome search for parking and walking through wind and weather has come to an end.

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    Completely renovated and exquisitely finished, our nobly furnished bathing area awaits you on all floors. In typical Maribelle-5-Star manner, our spa retreats offer you what is inherently our claim: pure luxury!

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    OUR Massage-Rooms

    Man and performance take center stage at Maribelle-Hamburg, because tranquility and contemplation are the basis for a successful erotic session. Therefore, our massage rooms are deliberately neutral and high-class, with short distances to bathrooms and sanitary facilities.