Erotic massages at Maribelle - more than a touch of sensuality

We invite you to take a look at our wide range of massages.

In addition to numerous, purely health-optimizing applications, you will find special massages combining different orientations and needing special training. We have entered this sensitive area, and by doing so hope to bridge an important gap. We do not wish to deprive you of the chance for intense and holistic relaxation through touch, and we would be pleased to offer you our advice.

Erotic Massages


Our Classic Erotic-Massage merges the classic full body massage with an extensive Body-to-Body session and is completed by a sensitive intimate massage. The exciting mix of sensual touch with intimate proximity, performed by a beautiful woman, will put you into a state of physical and mental relaxation that you will remember for a long time. You are free to influence the sequence, intensity and length of this very popular massage. Speak openly with your masseuse about your personal preferences.

This is how your Classic Erotic-Massage could go: With soft lighting and soothing sounds, you begin with a professional all-over massage. Using high-quality, organic oils, you are relaxed and massaged with skill from top to toe. The body is soothed and warmed, while at the same time, the skin's sensory system is made ready to receive.

Now you're ready for the building of erotic tension, initiated by the gently gliding movements of a Body-to-Body massage. The close physical contact and gentle touch ensure the release of healing hormones such as serotonin and oxytocin, happiness and social bonding hormones which play a very useful part in maintaining health. The final, loving Lingam-Massage gradually concentrates the erotic energy, slowly leading to the peak of erotic tension and culminating in a healing release.



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Silhouette of romantic couple holding their hands

This massage can be a great inspiration for every couple. According to your wishes, you can choose between two variations:

  • as a four with two masseuses
  • or as a threesome with a masseuse

If you indulge yourselves with two masseuses at once, this can take place in one room or in separate rooms. Switching partners within the treatment time is of course possible, so that each of you can take pleasure in each other's masseuse and so savor maximum variety. Here you can book any of our massages of our program. 

In the threesome variation with a masseuse, one partner is massaged first with the other either watching or actively participating. Here, completely new ways of showing affection can open up to you as you learn new techniques from the repertoire of your masseuse. The idea of ​​a Four Hand Massage with your own partner as co-masseur/masseuse may make your heart beat a little faster. Give it a go. Here we are limited to the sensual and classic massage.

To complete the experience, we serve you two glasses of our house specialty.

Paar mit 1 Masseurin 160,-240,-320,-
Paar mit 2 Mass. 1+1

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Two cute kittens in a fluffy white bed

Do you desire tenderness and physical closeness above all else? Then ask for our Sensual Relaxing-Massage. You couldn't ask for more physical contact than this. Your entire body will be indulged with tender caresses. In addition, the masseuse exhausts the full range of touch options with an intensive Body-to-Body performance and a sensitive Lingam-Massage. The highest levels of sensuality and intimacy are achieved, while at the same time, body and soul are very effectively tended and healed. Feel your emotions explode and return, refreshed, to your daily routine.



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Woman embracing her athletic partner

This high variation of sensory contact is offered, exclusively and only on our premises, as a holistic Body-to-Body-Pur massage. Usually, the body-to-body variant is integrated into a conventional massage as a single high point. Now you can experience your partner up close for almost the entire massage time.

The warm, fragrant oil that makes your body receptive and the smooth, soft skin of your masseuse who with slow, gliding movements nuzzles up to you, together create the illusion of becoming one entity and lead you gently into an ecstatic state of arousal. Your whole body becomes a single erogenous zone and you will experience the obligatory intimate massage as one of the innumerable high points.

As in almost all our massages, there is no fixed procedure. It all depends on your preferences and the intuition of those involved. This massage requires a high degree of abandon and is offered to this extent only in quality establishments.


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Crop hand holding banana

Lingam is a term from Sanskrit and includes symbolically in western Neotantra the man's entire erogenous zone. The different areas of the lingam are the focal point, and these are included alternately in the massage. The man's own desire and spirituality can be experienced without any pressure to perform. The experienced masseuse directs and controls the dynamics of desire like the composition of a symphony throughout the massage period.

The intensity of the arousal is controlled by the building up, the decreasing and the building up again of the sexual energy, and slowly leads to the longed-for release. The Lingam-Massage, the fine art of sensual massage, is both a duty and a choice for a young, aspiring masseuse. It combines technical know-how with human expertise and the sensual art of touch.


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Massage and relax.

Dear Ladies,
This is where we would like to focus on you and offer you the chance to rediscover your own sensuality and improve your quality of life with our Massage for Women.  In a society that is still far too patriarchal, we see it as our duty to pay homage to women and give them the attention they deserve. You can decide whether you want to be pampered by one of our muscular, well-groomed masseurs or by a beautiful masseuse.

We would like to offer you a safe environment in which your sensuality can unfold. The friendly presence of our receptionists makes for a relaxed process and an all-round safe atmosphere. This means that the visitor and her masseur/masseuse can open up fully to one another. The massage rooms are deliberately furnished in neutral tones that will be to everyone’s taste. An unobtrusive fragrance, soft lighting and pleasantly warm temperatures create a feeling of security. Cleanliness and hygiene are our top priorities. Our premises are always clean and well looked after. Shower gel, sandals, towels, toothbrushes, hair dryers and various hygiene items are provided.

Women have a different sexual dynamic from men and, in many respects, very different needs. Therefore, the tempo, the sequence and the level of energy are gently adapted to women's needs. No one is obliged to have an orgasm nor is there any limit to the number of orgasms you may have. Every massage should be an individual and uninhibited experience. We will take our time with you and hope that you will put your trust in us.

It is entirely up to you which massage you choose from our range. We are not concerned exclusively with the "yoni massage", which is the female equivalent of the lingam massage for men. We also offer massages that are only suitable for male guests, such as our popular "shogun massage" or the "toy massage". Important decisions can be made in the preliminary discussion with the masseuse. Do you have certain preferences, fantasies or limits? Would you like to know more about what happens in an erotic massage for women? Do you simply want to experience an intensive, long-lasting sense of relaxation or do you want to go deeper by releasing energy blocks and exposing and neutralizing emotions that have been rigid and repressed? Our receptionists will be happy to advise you, in person or by phone.

Treat yourself to a thrilling experience, with or without your partner, and go back to your day feeling purified and invigorated. We look forward to welcoming you.

Ladies Massageidentisch

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NewBee aaz

Although this wordplay suggests our "newbies" would be just beginners, they are hardworking bees who undergo a series of filters before their first massage, have several preliminary talks and several intensive training sessions behind them.

We, as a serious massage studio, would like to offer our quality-accustomed guests the opportunity for a new, exciting experience and to be pampered by a highly motivated, young masseuse without running the risk of full cost. Our NewBees are also looking forward to the chance to prove themselves and to familiarize themselves with the high art of erotic massage without the pressure of highest expectations.
In order to accommodate this reliance of our guests, we offer a massage experience at a greatly reduced cost price and have designed the "NewBee Massage" for this case.

Each of our NewBees offers in their early days with us only the NewBee massage with the basic program: 


from a full hour on. Pay attention to the bee in the profile picture of the lady and try something new. We are looking forward to your reservation.

    NewBee: Kl/Sl80,-120,-160,-
    NewBee: Lg/BtB100,-150,-200,-

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    Special Massages

    Sundial on the beach made of a stick and stones.

    Do you have a limited time window available? Are you undecided or would you like to slowly get used to the erotic massage? Would you like to get to know your future favorite-masseuse? Then enjoy the benefits of our new daytime-massage.
    Choose between a 30-minute and a 45-minute session and enjoy a classic or sensual massage. We respond to a variety of requests and would like to allow you a casual introduction to our program.

    Of course, our other service is available to you as usual.

    Just try and enjoy!


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      i belong in this

      Can’t decide?
      Our combi massage allows you to combine up to 3 Massages of your choice. For example: Dominant -and Shogun-Massage, or: Body-to-Body-Pur, Nuru and Lingam. Our new creation will give you the most benefit out of each session.


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        Sexy woman in underwear holding handcuffs in bedroom

        With our Dominant-Massage we would like to expand the limits of your experience. The newcomer will find an interesting and exciting introduction to the world of discipline, and connoisseurs too will have made the right choice with us. The allocation of active and passive roles is even bolder here and it is that which makes this massage, combining elements of bondage, BDSM, the Bizarre and classic erotic massage, really special.

        The surprising interplay between tension and relaxation, rigor and tenderness, cold authority and loving attention, makes a delightful change and becomes for many a popular and thrilling choice. Your imagination and your wishes are the focus here and you are invited to have an open and honest talk with your masseuse beforehand, so that the massage can be tailored exactly to your needs.

        On the profile page of each masseuse in our team is the heading "Specialty", displaying whether the masseuse in question offers this massage.


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        Beautiful women legs in high heel shoes on a white background.

        Lovers of beautiful women's feet should not miss this particular highlight. Our foot fetish massage is the only massage from our range in which our guest may like to take an active role. In a conversation beforehand, the masseuse will ask you to describe your preferences so that all your wishes are fulfilled. Which outfit makes you particularly happy - naked or with stockings? Do you like to smell a woman's pampered feet? Would you like to indulge passively in skillful foot movements by your masseuse or explore the feet of your masseuse yourself? This makes it an exciting treat for both. Our ladies like to get spoiled and are open to:

        • foot-sucking
        • toe-sucking
        • foot-tickling

        If you wish, you may also experience the pleasure of a skillful penis-foot- massage. Visit us! We are happy to hit below the belt for you.


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        Wellness Massages

        Wolken Maribelle 2

        In times of coldness and distance-keeping between people, the loving touch of gentle, knowing hands is a relief for the body and a warming gift of love for the frozen soul. The stimulation of healing hormones and the holistic activation of all senses is a sustainable recovery factor and gives new strength and energy for a long time. Our masseuses are trained wellness professionals and know the sensitive areas that require special attention. Feeling the individual needs of a client and giving loving care has been our top priority since the very beginning.

        We ask you to discuss your personal preferences in an individual conversation.


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        Optional Extras

        showering together20,-
        Intimate shaving20,-
        Anus and/or prostate or G-spot20,-
        Costume request during massage20,-


        You can also enjoy our quality service in your hotel. We offer mobile massages for all Hamburg hotels from the 4-star category from 8 p.m. at the earliest. One of our ladies will visit you within Hamburg for a surcharge of EUR 50 per massage.

        Just give us a call on  +49 40 86 69 40 80.

        You can also express your wishes at:

        We advise you at any time and are happy to be mobile for you.

        Your Maribelle team

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